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Larger Than Life, Custom Memorial Painting

Rachel Dickson Art

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Larger Than Life, Custom Memorial Painting
Larger Than Life, Custom Memorial Painting
Larger Than Life, Custom Memorial Painting
Larger Than Life, Custom Memorial Painting
A completely custom piece of art to forever memorialize your lost loved one. These make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for someone who is navigating their grief journey. I will gather information about your loved one, and using photographs I will add their "personality" into an animal portrait. Think, in a way, "spirit animal".
THE PROCESS:  It begins with you telling me some things about your loved one. Give hints of their personality, maybe a couple of anecdotal stories. And at least 5-10 photos. If you already know what animal reminds you of them- great! If not, I am happy to make suggestions based on how I feel. If you have any colors you'd like included, particular flowers, etc, I will do my best to accommodate any requests.
PRICE INCLUDES: An original art piece on professional quality canvas with a custom built floater frame. Other sizes available upon request.
WHY ME?: After my brother died 4 years ago, I found myself painting cardinals - all the time. They hang in our house, I draw them on scrap paper, I just like having them around. Cardinals were a thing for my brother and I, and they remind me of him. Of course, I have photos of my brother in our house, but sometimes they make me too sad to look at. However, the birds are alway a nice reminder of him. 
Dealing with his death, and the death of others close to me, has provided me with the ability to empathize in a big way. I feel much more connected now with anyone who has lost a loved one. I am so happy I get to create art that gives people daily reminders of their loved ones, just like my cardinals do for me.
-The first thing I noticed about this painting was the eyes... I said “those are my dad’s eyes"-
- This is one of the most beautiful tributes I’ve ever seen. I noticed the eyes right off!-
-  I absolutely love this! What an amazing representation, Rachel, and what a wonderful way to honor the memory of your Dad, Erin. This made me cry!-

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